Tina’s Hands World

Hand-washing game for children

Can a serious game teach children to wash their hands better? With this question, the University of Twente and the University of Münster approached 8D Games. It soon became clear that children often do know that washing their hands is important. However, it is not always clear how and when it is best to wash your hands. With a prototype, we started to investigate how serious gaming could change this. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

The power of Tina’s hand-washing game

Encouraging washing hands in a playful way
Awareness of the importance of washing hands
Active work format, which makes information sink in better

Learning how to wash your hands properly through gaming

The assignment for us was to develop a game prototype that would transfer knowledge about hand washing to young children in an appealing, activating way. With a prototype, you mainly want to know whether the mechanics are effective and connect to the target group, without immediately developing a whole product.

At the same time, a young target group is not able to ‘see through’ the prototype, so even before testing the gameplay, a lot of appealing artwork and functionalities will have to be worked out. The trick was to find the right balance. 

This is how we tackled it

Based on interviews, we investigated what children already know about handwashing and what exactly their information needs are. For example: in which situations is it difficult to wash your hands, even though you know you have to? And if you do skip it once in a while, when do you do it? Using very simple prototypes, we also tested how much information children aged 6 to 8 can process through a game. We discovered that children of this age can handle more information than we had expected, especially when it is presented in the right way.

Splash-art Tina’s Hands World

This power-up we have realised

We have developed a point-and-click adventure game with two types of gameplay. On the one hand, children are taken into a fantasy story within the ‘world of hands’ of Tina. In the world of hands, children see that some places – for example, damp locations with little fresh air – are more attractive to bad bacteria. In these places they find many more ‘bacteria dolls’ than in other places. Children are challenged to recognise these characteristics. Using a puzzle game, they then learn in what order they can best perform the ‘hand-washing steps’.

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