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8D Games employs the power of play to teach children and young adults about life skills. For example: learning how to stand up for yourself, being open to new experiences and taking good care of your body and mind. All our projects bring about positive change. We are mainly active in education, the social domain and health care.

Each power-up brings the player closer to unlocking a healthy and happy life. For some, a power-up is completing a bike ride after a period of inactivity; for others it is about finding the courage to discuss a difficult subject during an educational board game.

Can gaming teach children how to wash their hands properly?

Tina’s Hands World

Raising awareness of hand sanitation in young children

Can a serious game teach children to wash their hands better? With this question the University of Twente and the University of Münster approached 8D Games.

It soon became clear that children often do know that washing their hands is important. However, it is not always clear how and when it is best to wash your hands. With a prototype, we started to investigate how serious gaming could change this.

Serious game

Can you improve social skills through gaming?

Serious game

How do you improve balance of the elderly?


How do you empower teenagers against online bullying?

Looking for behavioural change?

Launch your project together with us. We will work together with you, your target audience, and all involved to establish a solid foundation for your game or gamification. More competence, less risk.

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Want an innovative solution to your problems? But you have no idea where to start? Perfectly fine! This gives us the opportunity to be involved from the very start of your project. Contact us for a free of charge introductory meeting to clear things right up.

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“Thanks to their ‘fun’ factor, games can be a very nice way to start the dialogue in an accessible way and in this way stimulate multidisciplinary cooperation. If those games can also be played online, any logistical and organizational barriers will also be removed. For our project, that was the perfect combination.“

Case: eZoon

Dr. Nienke Beerlage-de Jong

Assistent Professor

“Very professional and very patient team, who can communicate well even in contradictory situations.”

Case: ACBC

Csilla Lazar

Spektrum Educational Center Foundation

“While playing the games, the patients were much less aware of their complaints, so they moved more freely. Shifting the focus clearly offers opportunities. In this case, the name ‘serious gaming’ is incorrect: it makes the exercises less serious and takes the sting out of it.“

Lise Beumeler

Promovenda Rijksunversiteit Groningen (Campus Fryslân)

“I have only positive things to say about the collaboration with 8D-Games. They have created games with high level of quality. We are collaborating for the ACBC project and their contribution is very important.”

Case: ACBC

Maria Skoufi

Senior Project Management

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