Working together for education and well-being

Although our home base is firmly routed in the North of the Netherlands, we have built up a large network of international cooperation partners in recent years. From Spain to Scandinavia. We’re always looking for organizations that share our ambitions to improve education and healthcare throughout Europe.

This is what we can contribute
(Graphic) design: cardgames, boardgames, interactive books
Research: experienced in co-creation & design thinking
Development of digital games, apps and websites
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Partnership for our latest project: a game on the Growth Mindset!

Creating opportunities for every child

Improving education and youth work on an international level

During the development of software and innovations, it still happens (unfortunately) on a regular basis that beautiful results do not reach the end user. Or that a certain app or game is only used within a single organisation, while the product solves an issue that affects many more organisations and countries. After all, there are more than enough social issues that do not respect national borders.

This got us thinking: if we develop a game about online bullying, it would really be a shame if it could only be used in the Netherlands. Cyberbullying occurs worldwide. So why should we all develop a solution separately? Since then, we have been working closely with international partners who, like us, have ambitions in the field of education and youth well-being. Together we can learn from each other and achieve more.

Our international partners

Often it takes a long time span and and intensive cooperation between different disciplines to create a game. Therefore, we are quite used to working on complex projects with several stakeholders. Through our international projects, we have met some amazing partners in education and youth work. Active in the countries shown below!

United Kingdom
North Macedonia
Czech Republic

“Very professional and very patient team, who can communicate well even in contradictory situations.”

Case: ACBC

Csilla Lazar

Spektrum Educational Center Foundation

Completed international projects

Improving mental health through gaming


Playfully learning about ACT therapy

Mental resilience ensures that people can stay in touch with themselves, even when things are going wrong or a situation is stressful. It is especially important for vulnerable young people (and their supervisors) to know how to build up this kind of resilience. The BetterACT game helps with this.

BetterACT was developed in collaboration with partners from Italy, Croatia, Romania and Ireland, including professionals who work with ACT therapy on a daily basis. The game is available for free in seven languages.

Serious game

How do you empower teenagers against online bullying?

Whatsapp, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok: a large part of young people’s social lives takes place online these days. These online forms of communication bring with them many wonderful opportunities, but also…
Serious game

How do you improve young people’s sexual resilience?

The serious game Dignity gets teenagers talking about sexual boundaries and thus increases sexual resilience. The game was developed in cooperation with professionals from GGD Friesland.

How do you develop soft skills in teenagers?

Success in the workplace often requires more than just professional knowledge and skills. You also so-called ‘soft skills’, such as communicating well and organising your work productively. How can we…

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