Our games en gamifications are used mainly in education, youth work and health care. And whether we create a board game or a virtual reality experience, all our projects are focused on giving players a power-up for life in a playful way. Note: have way more projects in our portfolio, but are still busy translating! Please get in touch if you want to here about more examples.

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Can gaming teach children how to wash their hands properly?

Tina’s Hands World

Raising awareness of hand sanitation in young children

Can a serious game teach children to wash their hands better? With this question the University of Twente and the University of Münster approached 8D Games.

It soon became clear that children often do know that washing their hands is important. However, it is not always clear how and when it is best to wash your hands. With a prototype, we started to investigate how serious gaming could change this.

Serious game

How do you improve balance of the elderly?

Serious game

Can you improve social skills through gaming?


How do you empower teenagers against online bullying?

Serious game

Improving interdisciplinary cooperation through gaming


Improving mental health through gaming


How do you develop soft skills in teenagers?

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