Our games en gamifications are used mainly in education, youth work and health care. And whether we create a board game or a virtual reality experience, all our projects are focused on giving players a power-up for life in a playful way. Note: have way more projects in our portfolio, but are still busy translating! Please get in touch if you want to here about more examples.

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Practice reading and spreaking in a playfull way


Creating stories with a digital ‘language buddy’

Together with the Centre for Language and Speech Technology at Radboud University Nijmegen, 8D Games conducted research into the use of speech technology and gaming to promote language skills in primary school pupils. Test runs with the app ‘DigiJuf’ provided valuable new insights on the potential and practical preconditions of game-based practice with speaking, reading, listening and writing.

Serious game

How do we embed the Growth Mindset in European primary education?

Together with educational partners from Romania, Cyprus, Estonia, and the Netherlands, we are working on a game about the growth mindset, based on the theory of the renowned psychologist Carol…
Serious game

Talking about poverty through a serious game

BAAS is an augmented reality game that engages children in a playful conversation about poverty. They go on an adventure in their own neighbourhood with the stray dog Bonnie. The…
Serious game

Can you learn Supported Communication (SC) through a game?

Supported Communication is the use of alternative forms and means of communication for people who do not speak or who have difficulty speaking. For children with a communicative disability, it…
Serious game

Learning about digital privacy with a game

In collaboration with FERS and the Royal Library, we developed a seriously fun surfing game about digital privacy: the Data Detox Game! The game has already been played by more…
Serious game

Game on sexual health

Shkorey (‘darling’ in Tigrinya) is developing a digital game environment that provides Eritrean newcomers to the Netherlands with information on the human body, sexuality, birth care and raising small children…
Serious game

How do you improve balance of the elderly?

The Skating Game is balance training and fall prevention for the elderly in a fun package. The elderly person makes skating movements in front of a Kinect and is encouraged…

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