Power-up for life with the power of play

8D Games employs play to help people grow. From Virtual reality experiences to board and card games: we’ll find the right game style to fit any goal.

We play

From warm-up games for new colleagues to creative brainstorm games that breathe new life into projects- we make everything playful. In doing so we inquire about ourselves, the world, and our partners. Why do we do things the way we do? Is it sensible? Stimulating and agitating is part of our DNA. Good for our products; maybe not so much for birthdays and lunch breaks.

We share

We love sharing knowledge and building connections. Between science and practice, between old and young, between talents and the possibility to flourish. One part of this is our yearly crew of curious students, partners, and colleagues with whom we form lasting relations. Once you have worked with us you’ll forever be in our hearts!

We grow

Whatever the challenges, we make growth and development possible. Also internally. The trick is to provide exactly what someone needs to grow. For our end users, that may be a creative game – and for that one trainee, the opportunity to practise presenting while he or she finds it very exciting. This is how we keep challenging ourselves and our players.



We are a motley collection of characters all with our own skill. That’s good, because it means we can make (almost) anything! From rock-solid software to board games, card games and teaching materials.

Maarten Stevens
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Johan van der Meulen
Innovation Director
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Giel Hekkert
Creative director
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Jeanneau Boons
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Nicole van den Berg
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Nynke Bruinsma
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Stephan Burghout
Product Owner
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Bas Altenburg
Product Owner & Game Designer
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Sven Snoek
Marketeer & Accountmanager Europa
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Sietse Hoekstra
Lead Software Engineer
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Joyce van der Zon
Allround Game Artist
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Edwin ten Wolde
Concept Artist
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Daniël Steen
Stagiair Product Owner
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Inge Hettinga
Multimedia Specialist
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Bart van Ruiten
Multimedia Specialist
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