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Common first questions are: what does a serious game actually cost? And how long does it take to develop a serious game? We make tailor-made games, so unfortunately there is no standard answer to these questions. On this page, we provide global guidance and benchmarks based on our current portfolio. But fair? The quickest way to accurate advice is an introductory meeting. Costs nothing, makes a lot clear.

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What does a serious game cost?

We work on projects and products with budgets ranging from €40,000 to €150,000. Part of such a budget is obviously needed for the technical and graphic realisation by programmers and designers. But when developing a good serious game, a lot of time is also spent on research, brainstorms, interviews, tests and process supervision. In every project, we make sure that the right voices are heard at the right time, so that together we achieve the best possible result. All these different skills and expertises are included in the development fee.

It can be difficult to estimate what range your idea falls under. For reference, we have created a brochure showing the costs and turnaround time of completed games from our portfolio. Interested? Mail to with ref: ‘Brochure throughput time & costs’. We will gladly contact you to get acquainted or send you the right information.

What is the lead time of a serious game project?

Developing a ‘small’ digital game takes six to 12 months. Besides the technical complexity, many other issues play a role in determining the lead time. For instance, is a lot of coordination and research needed with different target groups and stakeholders? Or does a lot of content (text, images) still need to be produced and tested for the game? Then the lead time is easily two years. Do you want to work faster? The biggest time-savings can be made by starting early yourself to enthuse and involve all necessary target groups. 

It can be difficult to estimate under which range your idea falls. For reference, we have created a brochure showing the cost and turnaround time of completed games from our portfolio. Interested? Mail to with ref: ‘Brochure lead time & costs’. We will gladly contact you to get acquainted or send you the right information.

Funding for a game: how to arrange it?

Do you not yet have funding, but do you have a rock-solid plan for a game that helps people grow through play? Or are you curious about the possibilities of gaming for your research project? Contact us and we will be happy to look at the possibilities with you. We have a broad network in healthcare, education and science over the years. Who knows, we might be able to set up a suitable consortium together. We also have in-house Fundraising and finance expertise. 

I want to have a game developed, but don’t know yet with what technology or in what form. Can I contact you in advance?

Yes, very much so! In fact, we prefer to hear initially about the problem you want to solve, rather than the solution you have in mind. That gives us the chance to think along from an early stage and involve relevant target groups with you. If you want a thorough investigation into the best options for your issue, going through a Start-up process is a safe first step. But we are also always open to an informal (video) discussion to help you get started with your ideas.

What types of serious games are there?

Do you have a moment? The short answer: there is a suitable game type for every issue. Using design thinking and co-creation, we always first investigate which type of game best suits the target group and the challenge. In doing so, we think broadly: sometimes a board game is perfect for the goal we want to achieve and sometimes a virtual reality experience is needed to get the message across properly. Form follows function – and you won’t come across ‘difficult for the sake of being difficult’ with us.

You are a game developer in Friesland. Do you also work outside the region?

Yes! We work from Leeuwarden for parties throughout the Netherlands and Europe. Over the years, we have worked with consortia in eighteen different partner countries. Distance is certainly not an objection for us. Via video calls and communication tools such as Google Drive and Slack, all our partners stay up to date on progress. Nor do we shy away from a short drive for face-to-face contact at times when necessary (or simply more personal and sociable).

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