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The road to a million power-ups!
8D Games employs the power of play to teach children and young adults about life skills. For example: learning how to stand up for yourself, being open to new experiences and taking good care of your body and mind. All our projects bring about positive change. We are mainly active in education, the social domain and health care.

Each power-up brings the player closer to unlocking a healthy and happy life. For some, a power-up is completing a bike ride after a period of inactivity; for the others it is about finding the courage to discuss a difficult subject during an educational board game.

In recent years, we have been active in several sectors. All these sectors work closely with the target group we want to reach. In addition, giving ‘a power-up’ is a high priority in these sectors. See how we develop serious games for education, care or research.

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Game on sexual health

Game on sexual health

Practice improvement & culturally sensitive care

Shkorey (‘darling’ in Tigrinya) is developing a digital game environment that provides Eritrean newcomers to the Netherlands with information on the human body, sexuality, birth care and raising small children in the Netherlands.

8D Games, together with leading Ghanaian studio Leti Arts, is responsible for the graphic and technical realisation. We also developed the concept for the game in co-creation with young people and healthcare professionals.


How do you develop soft skills in teenagers?

Success in the workplace often requires more than just professional knowledge and skills. You also so-called ‘soft skills’, such as communicating well and organising your work productively. How can we…

How do we encourage sustainable entrepreneurship?

Together with partners from Italy, Greece, Cyprus, Hungary, the UK and the Czech Republic, we built an educational game that gets young farmers up and running with the Triple Bottom…
Serious game

Increasing therapy adherence through gaming: is it possible?

The Skating Game is balance training and fall prevention for the elderly in a fun package. The elderly person makes skating movements in front of a Kinect and is encouraged…

“I experience the people at 8D Games as charismatic and passionate. In addition, they work in a very structured way. Leti Arts has done quite a few international collaborations before and those were not all such a smooth ride like Shkorey has been so far.”

Case: Game on sexual health

Eyram Tawia


“Thanks to their ‘fun’ factor, games can be a very nice way to start the dialogue in an accessible way and in this way stimulate multidisciplinary cooperation. If those games can also be played online, any logistical and organizational barriers will also be removed. For our project, that was the perfect combination.“

Case: eZoon

Dr. Nienke Beerlage-de Jong

Assistent Professor

“At one point, groups of parents and children in the region knew: if we want to do something fun and active, we should check out the Missie Master app.”

Biana Bus-Egges

Projectleider Huis voor de Sport Groningen

“During the study, we noticed that people played the game even more than they were asked to.“

Case: The Skating Game | Research project

Mike van Diest

Researcher Candidate Rijksuniversiteit Groningen

“While playing the games, the patients were much less aware of their complaints, so they moved more freely. Shifting the focus clearly offers opportunities. In this case, the name ‘serious gaming’ is incorrect: it makes the exercises less serious and takes the sting out of it.“

Lise Beumeler

Promovenda Rijksunversiteit Groningen (Campus Fryslân)

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We are a motley crew of characters with all our unique sets of skills. This way we’re ready to facy (almost) any challenge! From splendid digital games to boardgames, card games, and even course material.

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Allround Game Artist
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Concept Artist
Anne Henstra
Stagiair Marketing & Communicatie
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Growth oppertunitiesfor all youth

Learning from each other on an international level

We had the following eye-opener: if we develop a game about online bullying, it is a shame to be able to use it only in the Netherlands. Cyberbullying is a global problem, so why not work together to find a solution? Since then, we have been working closely with international partners who, like us, focus on education and youth welfare. By working together, we can achieve more!

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