Board game about business succession within the agricultural sector

In cooperation with teachers and students from Van Hall Larenstein University of Applied Sciences (HVHL), NHL Stenden and the field, 8D Games developed an educational board game for business successors in the agricultural sector: ‘Om Tafel’. Due to the considerable interest in this serious game from agricultural education, HVHL decided to produce additional board games and also link a user course to it. On Thursday, December 1, the first course participants learned how to facilitate the game at the college in Leeuwarden.

Making difficult issues negotiable

The board game ‘Om Tafel’ was developed to make a difficult topic, namely the takeover of a (family) business in the agricultural sector, discussable in an approachable way. “We are looking for enthusiastic users of this game,” said Gelein Biewenga, one of the project’s initiators as a teacher-researcher. “We want to learn more about it. How is the game used? What do students or families learn from it? What are the opportunities to develop the game further? In this, we can always do something for each other.”

bordspel om tafel
Initiator Gelein Biewenga (lecturer-researcher) and Bas Altenburg (game designer 8D Games) conduct the first course on the board game Om Tafel | Photo: Stefan Martens (Van Hall Larenstein University of Applied Sciences)

Boardgame + course

Those interested in “Om Tafel” have been contacted and the next course dates have also been scheduled. Participants will come to HVHL in Leeuwarden on December 8 or 16, where they will attend the course with game explanations in a half-day session. After attending the course, they will receive a certificate and two board games to use at their own educational institution. For more information about the course and the board game, contact

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