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Together with partners from Italy, Croatia, Romania and Ireland, we are working on a game that teaches youth workers the principles of Acceptence and Commitment Therapy (ACT). They can then use this knowledge within their work and transfer the ACT method to the young people with whom they work.

De power of BetterACT

Mix between online and offline learning
Actively working with the teaching material
Playful form makes the subject more light-hearted
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Improving mental health with a game

Acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) is a form of cognitive behavioral therapy. It is a psychological intervention aimed at improving ‘psychological flexibility’. This kind of resilience ensures that people can stay calm and in touch with themselves, even when things are not going well or a situation is stressful.

How do you convey theory to become more emotionally resilient in a modern, attractive way? Especially for youth workers and vulnerable young people, it quickly sounds like yet another, woolly form of therapy. The serious game BetterACT makes the theory and exercises more concrete, active and attractive.

This is how we have tackled it

In collaboration with leading therapists who work with ACT therapy, the content and the game concept have been realized. The more the player learns about the fundamentals of ACT, the more beautiful the garden blossoms in the game. We were responsible for both the graphic design and the technical realization of the game. Special attention has been paid to the look and feel: calming colors, definitely no ‘clinical’ look and many round shapes.

Interim consultation with international consortium

Thispower-up we have realised

Through the BetterACT game, players explore all the ingredients you need to become mentally resilient: Mindfulness, Values, Acceptance, Defusion, Self as Context, Dedicated Action and Self-Compassion. The game is available free of charge in no fewer than seven languages, so that youth work across Europe benefits from the results of the project. Curious? Download BetterACT from the project website.

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Start with our creative launch process. Together with you, the target group and everyone else involved, we lay a solid foundation for your serious game or gamification. More support, fewer risks during the development process.

BetterACT contributes to Sustainable Development Goals number #3 Good Health and Wellbeing and #4 Quality of Education, by enhancing mental resilience in an engaging and modern way. By using this game, vulnerable young people can learn the basics of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy in a safe and inviting environment. The game’s soothing colours and round shapes make it accessible, making it a powerful tool for improving mental health and quality of education.

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