Sustainable entrepreneurship in agriculture

Together with partners from Italy, Greece, Cyprus, Hungary, the UK and the Czech Republic, we built an educational game that gets young farmers up and running with the Triple Bottom Line Model (TBM). While playing, they learn about a good balance between profit, people and planet! 🍃

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The strength of SustainAgri

Playful learning about sustainable entrepreneurship
Based on the Triple Bottom Line Model (TBM)
Instant insight into the impact of your choices

How do we encourage young farmers to

run their business more sustainable

Making agriculture sustainable is high on the European agenda. With sustainable agriculture, together we will reduce harmful emissions to soil, air and water and increase biodiversity and animal welfare. But how do we bring about this change? And what can European countries learn from each other in this area?

The European SustainAgri project specifically targets the farmers of the future. Young people preparing to run their own business in the agricultural sector. Within this project, we developed a serious game that provides insight into the ways in which profit, planet and people are connected.

This is how we tackled it

Together with our international partners, we first conducted considerable research into the target group. Interviews and group discussions with young agricultural entrepreneurs took place n Italy, Greece, Cyprus, Hungary, the UK and the Czech Republic. This mapped the wishes and needs of young farmers in Europe. Only then did the development of the game start. At the basis of the game is the TBM framework. A complex subject matter and therefore very suitable to put into an interactive form – for this young target group. We took care of the gameplay, technical and graphic development of the game.

sustainable agriculture game
Students get to know SustainAgri

“Studenten vertellen dat ze het fijn vinden om op deze manier meer te leren over het onderwerp, maar ook om er met elkaar over in gesprek te gaan. Het spel verlaagt de drempel om ideeën uit te wisselen.”

Gelein Biewenga


This power-up we have realised

De SustainAgri game puts players through all the choices involved in innovation and sustainability in a playful way. At the heart of the game is a swipe system. As the player, you are presented with dilemmas: how would you act in this situation? You make your choice by swiping left, right, up or down. Immediately after making your choice, you see the impact of your decision on the three Ps: profit, planet and people. For each ‘p’ you get a score. Of course, the aim is to find a good balance. This way, the TBM framework comes to life and you can actively use it.

The game is currently being tested by the partnership. After its launch, the game will be available for free and will be deployed in classroom settings. Read more on the project website.

International project meeting
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