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Cultural heritage boring? Not with DigiTales story library! With the help of gamification and storytelling we bring heritage to life for children of primary school age. Each story is created in close cooperation with cultural institutions. A great way to bring their (digitised) heritage to the attention of a large audience in an appealing way.

The power of DigiTales

Cultural heritage comes alive for young audience
Promoting reading in an active and fun way
Connect to an existing presentation format; add your interactive story!
Digital Cultural Heritage for Children

How do we bring cultural heritage into classrooms and living rooms?

Our history and culture is recorded in detail in digital or digitised collections and archives of various museums, libraries and specialised institutions. These databases and archives are a rich source for new stories, but unfortunately still too often remain unintentionally hidden from the general public. A shame, because we can actually learn so much from them!

In collaboration with Bureau Maalstroom, we brainstormed. How do we make heritage as tangible as possible for children? This is how the idea was born for DigiTales, an interactive story library full of old folk tales in a digital jacket. While reading, listening and playing, children get to know the cultural heritage of their own region.

This is how we have handled it

All our development processes start with the same question. Namely: what does the player need to achieve the desired change? The conversation with end users is indispensable. Right from the start. For instance, we presented DigiTales’ story concepts to a critical panel of primary school children well before a line of code had been written. What do they like or dislike about the stories? Which character would they like to follow or not? And should that character look so-or-so? These kinds of tests ensure that we are moving in the right direction from the start.

Character design DigiTales

This power-up we have realised

The DigiTales library has started with three interactive stories of Frisian origin: Rixt van ‘t Oerd, De Smid van Eernewoude and the Vrouwtje van Stavoren. The stories are available in both Frisian and Dutch. In addition, they can be listened to as audio versions. In this way, the stories are understandable and accessible to as many children as possible. ColourfulDigiTales playwalls are currently ‘on tour’ of all major heritage institutions in the province.

Finally, we are already developing new interactive stories for the digital library. Again, together with cultural institutions that want to draw attention to their heritage in a fun way. Want to get involved? Read more on the projectwebsite!

Johan van der Meulen, Bas Altenburg (8D Games) and Mattie Boekema (Bureau Maalstroom) at the launch of the DigiTales library

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This project contributes to SDG #4 Quality Education. Cultural heritage – and its value – is often somewhat abstract to young people. DigiTales offers an innovative way of learning about heritage, namely by combining gaming and storytelling with historical information. The stories are made as accessible as possible, including by including audio versions. With this, we aim to make innovative forms of quality education available to everyone.

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