Learn sign language through game

At the request of parents with hearing impaired children 8D Games developed together with Pento Audiologisch Centrum a serious game on sign language. In the colourful underwater world of Handlantis you play the caregiver of a fish with a hearing impairment. This way, you get to know ‘Dutch with Signs’ in a low-threshold manner.

The power of Handlantis

Exact gesture recognition via camera for practicing hand gestures
Free practice at your own pace at home
Design and themes that connect with parents and child
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Have fun in learning sign language

Who doesn’t know it? You want to learn a new language, but after a few days of intensive practice you tend to give up. Learning a language is a time-consuming and difficult process. In addition, the teaching material is often dry or boring. This problem also occurs when learning Dutch with Signs.

In Dutch with Signs, you talk to your child and support key words with gestures. Family, friends and other important people around a hearing-impaired child sometimes need an extra push to learn this mode of communication. The serious game Handlantis supports this.

This is how we tackled it

Handlantis originated from the best situation imaginable, namely from the target group itself. A parent with a child with hearing difficulties knocked on our door asking if gaming could help in learning Dutch with Signs. Of course we were eager to take up this challenge! We sought collaboration with the experts at Pento Audiological Center and set to work on a creative concept. What if the game took place in a world where sound sounds completely different? The underwater world of Handlantis was born.

Case: Handlantis

“Als nieuwe ouder komt er veel op je af en dan hoor je ook nog eens dat je gebaren zou kunnen leren. Met de game kan je alvast een voorproefje nemen en zien hoe leuk het kan zijn om te gebaren.”

Georgine Oele

Pento Audiologisch Centrum Friesland

Learn sign language with a game
Testen van Handlantis met experts, ouders en kinderen

The power-up we realised

Handlantis offers the player a safe environment where he or she can enjoy learning gestures. As a mermaid, you help your buddy (with CI implant) clean up the room. To get this done, you perform situation-related gestures in front of a webcam. Each gesture is carefully chosen by professionals so that the gestures fit well with the everyday life of a hearing-impaired or deaf child.

The game allows parents (and babysitters, grandparents or neighbors) to practice gestures at their own pace. In addition, the gestures are packaged in a visual and fun story and the player is tested regularly for refreshment. Although the sign game does not replace a sign course, it is an excellent introduction for that.

Curious? Handlantis is available via Pento Audiologisch Centrum.

Learn sign language with a game

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This project contributes to SDG #4 Quality Education and SDG#10 Reduced Inequalities. The serious game Handlantis teaches sign language to loved ones of hearing-impaired children. By allowing family members to communicate through sign language, hearing-impaired children gain access to a language they understand. In doing so, it increases learning capacity, which is essential for achieving quality education (SDG 4). By creating a more inclusive environment, it also encourages acceptance and understanding, which is essential for reducing inequalities (SDG 10).

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