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The Start Track will help you get started

Suppose you have a great idea for a serious game. But then? Where do you start? How do you find your way through all the technical concepts? And how do you know for sure that there is support for this solution? As a client, it is exciting to immediately embark on a long-term development process. That is why we offer a separate Start Track. Together with you, the end user, we answer all the important questions and make the idea as tangible as possible.

The benefits

From abstract idea to tangible creative concept
Creates support among end users and stakeholders
Reduces risks and saves costs
Questions? Need a sparring partner?

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What does the Start Track look like?

The lead time of our Start-up Programme is on average 6 to 8 weeks. At the end of the process you will have a solid blueprint for your serious game. Is this not the right solution for your challenge? No worries: you are free to build further on the results yourself.

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“Het was verrijkend om met 8D Games over onze onderzoeksthema’s te praten. Het team kwam met creatieve invalshoeken en brainstormtechnieken. Dit leverde voor ons weer nieuwe ideeën en inzichten op.”

Annelies Kassenberg

Lector Jeugd en Leefomgeving bij Hanzehogeschool Groningen

“Tijdens de ontwikkelfase konden we vertrouwen op de expertise van 8D Games en daardoor de vaart maken die nodig was bij dit project.”

Case: Data Detox Game

Wai-See Bos


“Tijdens het spelen waren de patiënten zich veel minder bewust van hun klachten, waardoor zij zich vrijer bewogen. Het verleggen van de focus biedt duidelijk mogelijkheden. In dit geval is de naam ‘serious gaming’ dus onjuist, het maakt de oefeningen juist minder serieus; haalt de angel eruit.”

Lise Beumeler

Promovenda Rijksunversiteit Groningen (Campus Fryslân)

These organisations already have a game developed by us

Practice reading and spreaking in a playfull way


Creating stories with a digital ‘language buddy’

Together with the Centre for Language and Speech Technology at Radboud University Nijmegen, 8D Games conducted research into the use of speech technology and gaming to promote language skills in primary school pupils. Test runs with the app ‘DigiJuf’ provided valuable new insights on the potential and practical preconditions of game-based practice with speaking, reading, listening and writing.

Serious game

How do we embed the Growth Mindset in European primary education?

Together with educational partners from Romania, Cyprus, Estonia, and the Netherlands, we are working on a game about the growth mindset, based on the theory of the renowned psychologist Carol…
Serious game

Talking about poverty through a serious game

BAAS is an augmented reality game that engages children in a playful conversation about poverty. They go on an adventure in their own neighbourhood with the stray dog Bonnie. The…
Serious game

Can you learn Supported Communication (SC) through a game?

Supported Communication is the use of alternative forms and means of communication for people who do not speak or who have difficulty speaking. For children with a communicative disability, it…

Sparren over een starttraject?

Een gesprek werkt verhelderend, heb je veel vragen, neem contact op! Johan, Maarten en Jeanneau drinken graag een bakje koffie met jou om te kijken hoe jij kan starten met het ontwikkelen van een serious game en welke stappen hierbij komen kijken.

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