Data Detox Game

Game about digital privacy

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The Data Detox Game is a seriously fun surfgame for children aged 8 to 12. The game provides a playful prelude to a conversation about digital privacy and is an annual part of Media Literacy Week.

The power of this game

Most played game of Media Literacy Week
Playful prelude to a conversation about digital privacy
Developed and tested with kids between 8 and 12 years old
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Data Detox

Learning about digital privacy with a serious game

Media literacy is becoming increasingly important, also for young children. How do you teach them in an appealing way that caution and common sense are needed in the online world, so that they are aware of their digital privacy from an early age? With the Data Detox Game! A seriously fun surfing game for children aged 8 to 12 that addresses complex topics through play, from phishing to internet cookies.

FERS (formerly Library Service Fryslan) came to us with the desire to expand their previously realised ‘Data Detox Kit’ with an educational game for primary school kids. While brainstorming with project leader Jeroen de Boer, we started looking for ways to translate difficult issues into the target group’s world of experience. Educational and fun naturally had to go hand in hand.

This is how we tackled it

With children from primary school Op ‘e Trije in Ferwert, we tested the concept game at different stages. Do they like the artwork? How much explanation do the children need and to what extent do they understand the message of the game? (And not unimportantly: do they need an ‘extra boost’?!) The tests ensured that, together with FERS, we arrived at a product that really connects with the target group’s world of experience. Even better: some children could not wait for the launch.

Case: Data Detox Game

“During the development phase, we were able to rely on the expertise of 8D Games and therefore gain the momentum needed on this project.”

Wai-See Bos


Test session data detox
Testing at Op’e Trije primary school

The power-up we have realised

In the Data Detox Game, you search, surfing the web, for the treasure of a legendary hacker. But beware, there are other hijackers aorund! Do you accept all the cookies you come across, purely to stay ahead of your opponents? And do you always disclose personal information when asked? Hint: the best treasure hunter is the one who knows what they’re giving away… The Data Detox Game was launched in the 2019 Media Literacy Week. Since then, the game has been played a whopping 500.000+ times by Dutch primary school children!

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